Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And so it begins

Having missed the opportunity to participate in the first Cannonball read I was delighted when the opportunity arose again today. Over burgers (Iowa beef, naturally) I told my boyfriend, (who was my boyfriend until we decided to live together, at which point he had a Greta Garbo moment and I moved back to my unsold house, yet we talk to each other daily and spend every weekend together, but we no longer have a "label" which makes him more comfortable in his "I am a thirty year old man child who wants commitment but not Commitment" sort of way) that in order to do so I would need a blog. Terror enveloped me to admit that I was going to join the "oh my GOD I am so important that people are going to want to read about everything I ever thought or spoken" ranks. Being an avid hater of Twitter and those who Twit, a non joiner of look at me on Facebook and write on my wall (whatever the hell that is), this was and is a big step for me.

So here I am. Ready to read. Ready to review. Ready to bitch. Ready to get that legion of followers chomping at bit to read what I spew forth next. Ha. Ha. So, My Iowa Mom friend (you know who you are), here it is. Put this in your bookmarks and smoke it.

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